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Integrated Enterprise Management

ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning


Created in 1986, CIGAM is composed of more than 800 professionals in 80 locations, offering modules in a complete and affordable enterprise management system. CIGAM ERP software suite has won several awards and certifications, and it is installed in more than 5.000 companies in Brazil, featuring one of the largest installed customer bases in the country. 


The complete Solution to increase productivity


As Market competition grows and companies are required to achieve higher productivity levels with lesser resources, CIGAM´s processes are constantly evolving to deliver higher productivity to customers in a complete solution, automating all business details and eliminating parallel controls, thus increasing operational efficiency.


As new features are developed, they are made available to all customers. This way CIGAM becomes more complete and up-to-date with businesses’ best practices, delivering quality improvement and reducing total cost of ownership.

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Integrated Enterprise Management

Today’s business scenarios require companies to endeavor in a never-ending quest for quality and profitability. While trying to achieve these goals, companies are facing several difficulties, such as miscommunication and diverging information generated by non-integrated systems that lead to errors, rework and low productivity.


To allow companies to grow steadily, CIGAM provides integrated management tools that automate and streamline business processes and controls, enabling better planning by generating reliable and accurate information for decision makers.


With solutions targeted for manufacturing, retail and services, CIGAM manages the workload through workflow and alerts that direct actions and report via on-screen, e-mail or SMS messages, simplifying day-to-day operations and speeding up accounting and management consolidation, eliminating further revisions and adjustments.



Strategic and Managerial Information

CIGAM’s Business Intelligence features provide managers easy access to corporate information, allowing several user-defined analysis scenarios for cost, pricing, breakeven point analysis, future scenarios, profit and margins by product lines, customers, sales personnel and regions. 


Cost composition and pricing strategies employ modern costing techniques that allow detailed reporting of commodity chain information and profitability evaluation for different markets and economies of scale, using customer-defined business rules shared with other modules.

Modern technology and high productivity

CIGAM´s Software development methodology (known as MDC) follows certified, worldwide acknowledged integrated maturity and capacity models for software development, employing high productivity business application development tools and modern technologies such as SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and BPM (Business process management), providing seamless process integration and automation. CIGAM´s user interface is intuitive and easy-to-use, allowing customers to generate their own reports based on user-defined queries and filters and export the results to third-party business applications such as spreadsheets and text editors.

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